With December coming to an end 2019 will soon be in the past. The pre-Christmas period with its hectic rush and darkness but also warming candlelight and moments of reflection, surrounds us and yet passes after only a few days.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of my guests: for the great Sightrunning tours that I was able to experience with you, the trust you gave me, and the fantastic atmosphere that you all contributed to. Together we jogged in the rain, regardless of wind and weather, but also through Berlin’s crazy summer heat. It was a pleasure to share the history and numerous stories that this wonderful city has to offer.

Many thanks also to the participants of my event on December 8th 2019 in the Britzer Garten, which was organised by Berlin Sightrunning as part of the Gropius Charity Run. The competition season 2019 is ending but the darker days are no boundaries for Sightrunning – Sightjogging is fun, brings joy and stimulates good moods all year round!

…. Speaking of good spirits: a voucher from Berlin Sightrunning is double the fun: at first when unwrapping the gift and later when redeeming the voucher!