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Berlin Sightrunning

Berlin Sightrunning

Sightrunning, Sightjogging, City Running Tours – there are several terms for one of the latest trends in cities all over the world. The name is self-explanatory; Sightrunning is a combination of running and sightseeing.

As both a professional historical guide and a passionate runner, I would like to join you on a run. I will provide you with all the interesting information regarding Berlin as well as all the tales Berlin has to offer. You set the pace, decide where to stop for taking photos and it is up to you how long you want to run for.

Berlin Sightrunning

Sightjogging is for anyone

  • For beginners and advanced runners
  • For young and old runners
  • For women and men
  • For single runners and small groups
  • For tourists and business visitors

If you want more information or want to make an appointment, feel free to contact me. Happy running!

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A guidance through Berlin’s Tempelhof airport

Those who know me from Berlin Sightrunning tours might know I offer extraordinary and quintessential tourist adventures. Sightrunning or Sightjogging is a fantastic opportunity to experience Berlin individually, environmentally friendly and off the beaten tourist tracks. What’s more, for many years I have been guiding groups through the historic Tempelhof airport.

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Sunrise Run on May 10, 2019

An international group of ca. 40 lawyers of the bureau Brandeis guided by Berlin Sightrunning enjoyed a “sunrise run” on 10th May 2019. The occasion of the lawyers’ visit was the “IBA Annual Litigation Forum”.

The Sightrunning tour started at the hotel Ritz Carlton (Potsdamer Platz) at 7:15am.

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Can oysters be pregnant? In Berlin they can!

The former congress hall, amidst the “Tiergarten” – Berlin’s most famous inner-city park – directly located at the river Spree, is often referred to as “pregnant oyster.” This alludes to the building’s characteristic rooftop as well as the creativity of Berlin’s citizens. Nevertheless, journalists and tourist guides are mostly accountable for the neologism.

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On the traces of the Berlin Wall

Start in the week at the border strip that divided East and West Berlin in the Cold War. Before the Berlin Wall had started crumbling 29 years ago, border posts and barbed wire separated the country here. Today pedestrians, equestrians and runners enjoy this tranquil spot.

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Autumn in Berlin

After a beautiful and hot summer, we get to enjoy quite a mild autumn. The leaves are changing colours while we’re preparing for darker and colder days. Come and join me on a tour and experience the radiant city covered in autumn leaves.

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Festival of Lights 2018

Every autumn, the Festival of Lights turns Berlin’s most famous sights into a city full of light art. We can highly recommend this event to both locals and tourists – let illuminated attractions such as the Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz and Berlin Cathedral inspire you. The festival is free, however we offer running tours for any fitness level and age range, so that you get to enjoy the city even more.

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