Kreuzberg meets Friedrichshain

From the revolutionary Kreuzberg in the 80’s to the trendy Friedrichshain.

Distance: ca. 8 km
Duration: ca. 1,5 hrs

We run along the Landwehr Canal in direction to Görlitzer Park. Insiders still refer to this area as SO 36; the name has its origins in the former postal zone (southeast 36).

The Oberbaum Bridge connects Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain and takes us along to the East Side Gallery on the other side of the river Spree. At the former death strip, we can experience modern urban development and follow the tracks of Berlin’s vivid nightlife that has been developing since the 90’s.

The path towards Kreuzberg leads us to Mariannenplatz – the starting point of the former squatter scene in the 80’S.

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