An international group of ca. 40 lawyers of the bureau Brandeis guided by Berlin Sightrunning enjoyed a “sunrise run” on 10th May 2019. The occasion of the lawyers’ visit was the “IBA Annual Litigation Forum”.

The Sightrunning tour started at the hotel Ritz Carlton (Potsdamer Platz) at 7:15am. The tour led through the Brandenburg gate, past the Reichstag and Federal Chancellery (Bundeskanzleramt). The river Spree guided us to Schloss Bellevue and the Victory Column. On our way back, we jogged through Tiergarten towards the Berlin philharmonic hall (Philharmonie).

Although we had exceeded the anticipated time, we extended the tour as desired by the group to see the Global Stone Project. We returned to the hotel at 8:30am.

Since the size of the group made it impossible to continue running while explaining the sights, we stopped at some of the places of interest. Alternatively, we did various running exercises to prevent cooling down. Smaller groups typically don’t pause during the run, however, a quick (photo) break is always welcomed!